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FTIR, FID, Gas Chromatograph and many other type of gas analysers require the supply of specific high purity gases as zero gas (zero reference or background), carrier gas or combustion gas. These gases can be supplied from gas cylinders introducing variables in the system since the quality and purity of a same component will vary from one cylinder to the other. Gas cylinders also increase the operating cost (consumables and labour) related to a system.

In many cases, the use and integration of single or combined gas generator in the CEMS will improve the quality and the efficiency of the system in terms of operation and accuracy.

Leman Instruments® generators lines of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, air and zero air generators have been designed to fit most applications in the field of laboratory, air quality monitoring, and emissions monitoring.

Each instrument is equipped with high performance communication interfaces (RS485, Ethernet and WLAN (Options) allowing to realise very flexible gas networks with either local or central control. The control software handles all safety functions, the automatic pressure regulation functioning status and ensures reliable communications.

Each gas can be generated individually or combined into the same generator modules are easy to install, reliable, safe and pleasant to operate. Various level of purity can be achieved allowing keeping this “add-on” cost effective and available for a large field of applications.

Leman Instruments® Gas Generators Technology

  • Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)

  • Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA)

  • Catalysis

  • Reduces operating costs
  • Return on investment in less than 2 years
  • Improves resolution and detection limit of your instrument. Provides high pressure stability
  • Provides H2, N2 and Air 24/7 at constant purity. No contamination
  • No more handling and storage of gas cylinders. No more rental fees
  • Can be stacked for low footprint gas generator network assembly (laboratory)
  • Can be controlled remotely by either a PC, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
  • Internal maintenance free
  • Control via touch panel or via iPpad

Wide Range of Solutions for Air Quality, CEMS, Laboratory applications

Gas Chromatograph

GC & PID Station Multigas Generators
HYDRO, NITRO and AERO Single Gas Generators
Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Zero Air


Nitrogen Generator


FIDSTATION Multigas Generators
HYDRO and AERO Single Gas Generators
Hydrogen and Zero Air


AERO Single gas Generators
Ultra Zero air

Gas Stations for Agilent, Bruker and Ab-Sciex Series

Gas Station For Agilent 6400 Series

FIDSTATION Multigas Generators
HYDRO and AERO Single Gas Generators
Hydrogen and Zero Air

Gas Station For Bruker EVOQ TQ LC/MS

DUO Multigas Generators
Zero Air and Nitrogen

Gas Station For Ab-Sciex Q-TRAP 5500LCMS

TRIO Multigas Generators

Customised Systems and Services

Water Quality


CEMS and Process Gas


Gas Detection


Air Quality


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