M301C® Online Gas Chromatograph

Indoor and Ambient Air Analyser

The M301C® Gas Chromatograph analyser belongs to the fourth generation of GC developed by PID Analyzer LLC (USA) for online monitoring of a wide range of gases including but not limited to Sulphur compounds (Mercaptans, COS, CS2, SO2, H2S, DMS, THT, EM, MM, DES…) in ambient (AQMS) and indoor air (OH&S). This versatile and powerful analyser is available in a rack mount enclosure for integration into Air Quality Monitoring Systems or in a standalone wall mount NEMA4 cabinet for outdoor installation (fenceline, vent, area monitoring…). Depending on the targeted compounds and measuring ranges, the M301C®  Sulphur compounds analyser can be fitted with universal (TCD Thermal Conductivity Detector, UV Ultraviolet), selective (PID Photoionization Detector , FID Flame Ionization Detector ) or specific (Flame Photometric Detector for Sulphur or Phosphorus compounds, ECD Electrochemical) sensors. The fully automatic sampling and analysis sequences are controlled by the onboard PC and peakWorks® Chromatography software providing the operator with an efficient direct interface, a large selection of IOs and a complete Sulphur compounds logging and trending solution.

Low (ppb-ppm) and sub ppb (with optional concentrator) levels of Sulphur compounds: Mercaptans, COS, CS2, SO2, H2S, DMS, THT, EM, MM, DES and more.