M301C® Online Gas Chromatograph

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

The M301C® Gas Chromatograph analyser belongs to the fourth generation of GC developed by PID Analyzer LLC (USA) for online monitoring of a wide range of gases including but not limited to Sulphur compounds (Mercaptans, COS, CS2, SO2, H2S, DMS, THT, EM, MM, DES…) in stack emissions and process gas. This versatile and powerful analyser is available in a rack mount enclosure for integration into Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems or in a standalone wall mount NEMA4 cabinet for outdoor installation at industrial facilities. Depending on the targeted compounds and measuring ranges, the M301C®  can be fitted with universal (TCD Thermal Conductivity Detector, UV Ultraviolet), selective (PID Photoionization Detector , FID Flame Ionization Detector ) or specific (Flame Photometric Detector for Sulphur or Phosphorus compounds, ECD Electrochemical) sensors. The fully automatic sampling and analysis sequences are controlled by the onboard PC and peakWorks® Chromatography software providing the operator with an efficient direct interface, a large selection of IOs and a complete Sulphur compounds logging and trending solution.
ppm to % levels of Sulphur compounds: Mercaptans, COS, CS2, SO2, H2S, DMS, THT, EM, MM, DES and more.