Continuous Emissions Monitoring System

The  LaserCEM® is a complete pre-calibrated multi-component analyser based on the enhanced IR Laser Spectroscopy method OFCEAS. The LaserCEM® features the association of  a performant spectrometer with a Low Pressure Sampling (LPS®) system (50-100 mbar absolute)  for the online analysis of several key gases in industrial, environmental and OH&S applications.

The association of the OFCEAS and LPS technologies enables high spectral resolution, interference free, fast and sensitive analysis, regardless of the matrix of the gas to be analysed.  Thanks to the low sampling pressure (100-50 mbar), the  LaserCEM® system fits a large range of applications without the need to heat nor dry the sample prior analysis reducing considerably installation, operation and maintenance related costs.

The LaserCEM® is a true direct extractive CEMS developed and patented worldwide by AP2E, member of DURAG group, and compliant to standard EN 15267-3 : 2008 and QAL 1 de EN 14181 .