HM-1400 TRX 2

Continuous Mercury Measurement in Stack or Process Gases

The HM-1400 TRX2 is a the most accurate analyser for continuous mercury measurement in stack or process gases allowing speciation of elemental and oxidised mercury.
The analyser is certified QAL1 according to EN 1567 and has an automatic reference point check with internal reference gas generator. This analyser has shown a great level of reliability in a wide range of applications such as power industry (coal-fired power plants), waste incineration (municipal waste, hazardous waste, sewage sludge), cement industry, steel industry (steelworks with scrap metal reconditioning) and fluorescent light bulb recycling.

Mercury Analyser

Exclusive Features
HM-1400 TRX 2

Continuous measurement

HM-1400 TRX 2 allows real-time monitoring of Hg emissions and is therefor suitable for process control and process optimisation. Also smallest certified measuring range 0…15 µg/m3*

 No extremely heated components and Easy to maintain

The HM-1400 TRX 2 does not contain any extremely heated components and includes a fast system cooling and is thereby easy to maintain. Maintenance interval every 3 months

Convenient operation

Remote monitoring (off-site and/or through plant control systems) results in minimised technician

Internal reference gas generator 

Automatic reference point check with internal HgCl2 reference gas generator

Smallest certified measuring range 0…15 µg/m3*

Stable measured values and maximum of daily
average values and suitable for daily average values <10 μg/m3

Measuring principle allows Hg speciation

The Speciation results immediately demonstrate and validate Hg reduction strategies and technologies or effect of alternative fuels

Cost savings 
due to process optimisation and reduced operational costs
Certified QAL1 according to EN 15267

Type approved according to EN 15267-1, EN 15267-2, EN 15267-3 and EN 14181


Mercury Analyser
HM-1400 TRX 2

  • Analytical Performances

    Measuring principle atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) with means of a dual beam UV photometer after conversion of oxidised mercury to elemental mercury

    Measurements total mercury concentration Hgtotal after calibration with standard reference method

    Measuring range Hgtotal

    0 … 15 μg/m3,

    0 … 400 μg/m3,

    0 … 3,000 μg/m3 

    Certified measuring range 0 … 15 μg/m3 (4), 0 … 45 μg/m3, 0 … 75 μg/m3

    Light source & spectral range  mercury lamp, 253.7 nm

  • Pleasant interface

    Interface operating panel in front door with display, remote access for DURAG service by TCP/IP as an option

    Power Supply 230/400 V 3x25A, N, PE 50 Hz max. 10kVA

    Digital Outputs 9x contact NC/NO, function capable of being parameterised

    Analog Outputs 3x 4 … 20 mA, max. 500 Ohm, capable of being parameterised

    Digital Inputs 8x status input, function capable of being parameterised

  • Construction

    Certification CE and QAL1 EN 15267-1:2009, EN 15267-2:2009, EN 15267-3:2008, EN 14181:2015

    Materials Steel cabinet, painted

    Weight 220 kg

    External dimensions  1700 (W) x 800 (D) x 500 (H) (units: mm)

Measured Parameters

D-R 290

Mercury Analyser using the atomic absorption spectroscopy principle. and accurately measure the total mercury concentration (Hgtotal) or elemental mercury concentration (Hg0)

Total mercury concentration 0 … 15 µg/m3, 0 … 400 µg/m3, 0 … 3.000 µg/m3
(depending on design)

Light source and Spectral rangeMercury lamp,
253.7 nm
Flue gas temperature up to 300°C
flue gas relative humidity0 … 100 % rel. humidity
inner duct pressure (gauge)-50 … +20 hPa
Detection limit0.015 µg/m³

System Components & Applications

HM-1400 TRX2

The HM-1400 TRX 2 is suitable for various applications including power industry (coal-fired power plants), waste incineration (municipal waste, hazardous waste, sewage sludge), cement industry, steel industry (steelworks with scrap metal reconditioning) and fluorescent light bulb recycling.

Sampling System


  • Sampling probe
  • Sampling Tube
  • Heated sample gas line

Sampling probe

Sample probe with inside heated filter element and inlet for heated test gas, PT 100 temperature sensor, controlled by HM-1400 TRX 2, 230V L, N, PE 50/60Hz, 650VA

Sampling Tube 

not heated, length 1000 or 1500mm heated, length 180, 600, 1000 or 1500mm
Power 230VAC L,N,PE 600/800/1200 W / PT 100 supplied by HM-1400 TRX 2 (1)

Sampling line

Temperature controlled 200°C heated sample line, IP 65
Power supply 230V L,N,PE, 50-60 Hz, 90-100 W/m

Stack Monitoring Solution

Industrial Stacks

With stricter environmental regulations optimisation of the combustion process for reduced pollutant emission and higher fuel efficiency is a major objective for manufacturers.

Monitoring solutions and applications for stack industries 

  • Oxygen concentration monitoring, in combustion flue gas to ensure fuel efficiency of the industrial burners.
  • Low dust concentration monitoring, to ensure continuous measure and control dust emissions to all stacks industries.

Continuous emission monitoring applicable for a wide range of applications, such as: 

    • incineration plants
    • waste incineration plants
    • power plants
    • Cement plants
    • metal industry
    • on plants according to 2001/80/EC LCPD
    • on plants according to IED 2010/75/EU

Opacity measurements in flue gas e.g.

    • on cruise and container ships
    • on plants in accordance with US EPA 40 CFR 60 PS1

D-R 320

Opacity and Dust monitor for industrial stacks

D-R 808

Dust monitor for low to medium concentrations

D-R 820 F

Dust concentration monitor for wet gases

D-R 120

Automatic sampling device for gravimetric dust measurements

D-R 220

Dust and optical opacity monitor

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