Generation and Analysis of Atmosphere

Controlled Atmosphere

Partial pressure of Oxygen in special atmosphere    10-35 to 0.25atm

The GEN’AIR allows the generation and measurement of  several different oxygen atmospheres. Its technology is based on the principle of zirconia ionic conduction.

The GEN’AIR is made of two parts:

The pump which raises or decreases the oxygen concentration in the gas that passes inside its zirconia tube. It requires only a low gas flow: between 1 and 12l/h. It can be used on mixtures such as inert gas/oxygen or buffered mixtures/oxygen as CO/CO2/O2 or H2/H2O/O2.

The gauge which measures the partial pressure generated by the pump. Thanks to the MicroPoas1, its response time is very fast and it gives extremely accurate measurements.

Main Features

  • MicroPoas unique patented design
  • No need for reference air
  • Maintenance free
  • Compact and secure system
  • Low carrier gas consumption
  • Limited cost owing to single gas use
  • Large dynamic scale


Measurement O2
Technology zirconia ionic conduction
Range 10-35 to 0,25 atm
Other Ranges please consult
Output  0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, linear,
with galvanic insulation
Communication RS232

Trace Oxygen in pure gases or gas mixtures             0.01 to 25%

JC15V, JC24V, and JC48V trace oxygen analysers are designed and manufactured by SETNAG to meet the requirements of industrial gas production and heat treatment industries. They include the unique technology MicroPoas®, Zr sensor with a built-in metallic reference.

Main Features

  • MicroPoas unique patented design
  • No need for reference air
  • Up to 3 bars abs. at the sample inlet
  • For Gases up to 110C
  • From 0.01 to 25% in a single range
  • Built-in bypass
  • High linearity


Measurement Trace of O2, pressure compensated
Technology MicroPoas®
Range 0.01 to 25%
Other Ranges please consult
Output 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, linear,
with galvanic insulation
Low flow alarm
Communication RS232

Controlled atmosphere analysers



For controlled atmosphere, SETNAG analysers allow accurate continuous measurement of Trace of O2 suited to a large field of industrial and laboratory applications. The Gen’air, oxygen pump gauge provides both generation and analysis of atmosphere at controlled oxygen rates.


• Gas industry
• Research laboratories
• Thermal treatment
• Microelectronics
• Hospitality
• Food Manufacturing

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