Gas Detection

Portable and Stationary Gas Detection Systems


Gas leak detection

Minimise the risk of exposure, explosion, or loss of product with a gas leak detection programme that ensures that all areas, pipes, valves, and pumps are regularly checked. AquaGas can provide portable gas leak detectors, survey monitors, area gas monitors and fixed gas detection systems for a comprehensive, real-time gas detection programme in compliance with F-gas regulations.

Sterilant and disinfectant gas

Since sterilant gases are selected to destroy a wide range of biological life forms, any gas which is suitable for sterilization will present a hazard to personnel exposed to it. The NIOSH immediately dangerous to life and health values (IDLH) for the three sterilant gases above are 800 ppm, 75 ppm and 5 ppm for ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide and ozone respectively.

Breathing air quality

Compressed air within breathing air lines or cylinder respirators are required to be tested within the international standards set by EN 12021 and AS 1715:2009 Appendix A to ensure a supply of good breathing air quality and a safe working environment. AIRQUAL1 Breathing Air quality test kit complies with the requirements and guidelines AS 1715:2009 which sets out the selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment requirements and provides guidelines for respiratory protection (RPE).

Controlled atmosphere

A controlled atmosphere is an atmosphere in which oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen concentrations, as well as temperature and humidity are regulated. AquaGas’ product range includes analysers specifically designed to handle the controlled atmosphere monitoring requirements in a wide range of applications including storage, agricultural, scientific research and manufacturing industries.

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AquaGas products and systems are used worldwide and suitable for an extended field of applications including:

Food and beverage: Controlled atmosphere, sterilant monitoring, refrigerant gas leak detection systems are commonplace in the food and beverage market with intensive use of A/C systems, chiller plant rooms, cold rooms, freezers in facilities such as supermarkets, production and distribution centres, food manufacturing, retail and convenience stores, marine, hotels and hospitals… In addition, aseptic food and beverage processing as well as food and beverage packaging facilities require the use of Sterilant and disinfectant through both manufacturing and conditioning processes.

Workshops and workplaces: Hazardous breathing conditions exist in routine industrial operations, such as: abrasive blasting, paint spraying, industrial cleaning, and arc welding. In these and other operations that introduce contaminants into the workplace, supplied-air respirators are frequently used for worker protection. Controlled atmosphere is compulsory for undertaking industrial metallurgic works such as brazing, annealing, nitriding, nitrocarburizing, soldering, UV curing, sintering, hardening, tempering and specialist welding.

Healthcare: Bio-Decontamination, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centres,  medical device manufacturers and contract sterilization facilities.

Industrial: Manufacturing Industries such as gas production plants, pharmaceutical and sterilizer manufacturer, packaging and storage facilities go to great lengths to make their products as safe as possible, but automated equipment can and sometimes do fail and leaks have been reported. Continuous gas monitors are used as part of an overall safety program to provide a prompt alert to nearby workers in the event that there is a leak of gas.

System Integration

AquaGas fixed gas detection systems provide flexible monitoring solutions with regards to how they can integrate into existing Building Management System or Plant PLC. With most detection systems having 4-20mA, digital or relay outputs, they can be used to trigger existing plant such as extractor fans or turn off process supply lines, activate localised alarms to warn personnel of danger or even text message the safety team to warn them of a problem.

As a system integration company AquaGas offers a large range of engineering services including product and systems design, project management and consulting.

  • Wide range of integrated solutions

    Complete stationary monitoring stations for single or multistream applications
    Dual or redundant monitoring system settings
    Certified data logging, processing, and reporting systems with remote access
    System features for standards compliance or process automation
    Mobile laboratories or portable systems for short or long-term monitoring programs

  • Flexible scope of work adapted to variable project needs

    Turnkey projects
    Stand-alone analyser or system
    Upgrade, enhancement or extension of an existing system
    Products and systems  design
    Integration of third party instruments or peripheral systems

  • Large choice of integration methods to suit various installation environments

    Shelters and cabinets
    Wall mounted systems
    Instruments Racks
    Mobile installation
    Insitu instruments
    Direct extractive or dilution based modular and universal sampling systems

Targeted Components

Continuous gas detection

Refrigerant – HFC/HCFC’s – CO2 – NH3 – Hydrocarbons – CH4 (for other gases please contact us)

Sterilant – Peracetic Acid PAA C2H4O3 – Ethylene Oxide EtO C2H4O – Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2

Oil and Gas – LEL, H2S, CO, CH4, NO

Breathing air testing

CO2, CO, H2O, O2, Oil Mist and odour/taste

Online analysis in controlled atmospheres

Purity – Trace O2 – Oxygen O2 – Ozone O3

Breathing Air

Quality Test Kit

Sterilant Gas

Portable Gas Monitoring Systems

Sterilant Gas

Stationary Gas Detection Systems

SafeCide provides fast, accurate, real-time measurements of chemical vapor

Refrigerant Gas

Portable and Stationary Gas Monitoring Systems

Universal Gas Sampling Equipment

Pump, filter, fittings, temperature controllers…

Trace Oxygen

in pure gases or gas mixtures

Data acquisition and reporting software

Mcerts certified software package

Customised Systems and Services

System integration

As a system integration company AquaGas offers a large range of engineering services including product and systems design, project management and consulting.

Onsite services

AquaGas provides a comprehensive and flexible range of onsite services covering preventive and corrective maintenance, calibrations, data processing and reporting.

Water Quality


Air Quality


CEMS and Process

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