Environmental Fenceline Monitoring Solution

Fenceline monitoring system for  VOCs, Odours and Air pollutants

Autonomous & Wireless, WT1® monitoring system is designed for air quality monitoring, environmental impact assessment and pollution control applications in urban and industrial areas. WT1® monitoring system consists in a network of analysers with high precision sensor for low ppb gas concentrations in ambient air (H2S, RSH, NO2, NH3, SO2 …) as well as VOC, odours, noise and particles detection correlated with Dynamic olfactometry with high accuracy in ppm, ppb or o.u./m3.

WT1® fenceline monitoring system complies with

• Odour unit (EN 13725, ASTM E679)

• USEPA ( 40 CFR Part 53)

• EU ( 2008 /50/EC)

WT1® fenceline monitoring system is a standalone, sensor based, multiparameter air quality station designed for the automation of pollution and nuisances control processes. WT1® fenceline monitoring system offers the key functions and tools to meet industrial project requirements and regulatory needs. For fast and accurate assessment of the air quality in industrial or urban areas, WT1® fenceline monitoring system is equipped with up to 6 Electrochemical cells among 20 pollutants and odour precursor gases such as H2S NH3, RSH, NO2, NO, SO2, O3… Additionally the WT1®can be fitted with 4 MOS sensors for odours, as well as the optional PID (VOC monitoring).