SO3 Monitoring

Pentol Stack Analyser

SO3 Monitor

The Pentol SO3 Stack Analyser combines wet-chemistry and photometry to measure accurately in stack SO3 concentrations in emissions and process gases.

The Pentol SO3 is a short extractive heated analyser ensuring repetitive and highly accurate measurements, making it suitable for direct usage within industrial plants or laboratory environments. The Pentol SO3 stack analyser offers a reliable solution for obtaining precise SO3 concentration data, essential to efficient process monitoring and emissions control.

The Pentol SO3 Stack Analyser is is based on a wet-chemical process. In power generation SO3 measurements provide data to allow the operator to optimize combustion processes to minimize corrosion of the plant and limit acid discharges to the environment. Monitoring of SO3 is also important where it is formed as a by-product, e.g. in De-NOx systems. In processes where H2SO4 is used or ore with large amounts of sulphur is processed, the SO3 monitor can measure SO4  2 – ions and show emission as mg/Nm3 or ppm.