GA40T Plus®

Portable Multigas Analyser

GA40T Plus® is a Portable Multigas Analyser designed for accurate monitoring of emissions and process gas. The GA40T Plus® internal gas conditioning system suits the most demanding application especially sample with high moisture content delivered at high temperature. Produced for harsh operating conditions, the GA40T Plus® Portable Multigas Analyser can be equipped with up to 9 (gas proprietary) measuring cells amongst a large selection of  compounds commonly targeted in the industry. With its compact design and modular sampling system, the GA40T Plus® offers unique multiple sensor options, integrated and calibrated as per the application requirements. Separate gas paths and gas proprietary cells allows combining performant and reliable NDIR, PID, TCD as well as electrochemical field replaceable sensors into the same equipment.

O2, CO, CO2, CH4, H2, Cl2, HCl, H2S, NO, NO2, N2O, VOCs and SO2

The GA40T Plus® is available with a standard or heated sampling. The GA40T Plus® Portable Multigas Analyser has a built-in differential pressure sensor for gas velocity, large internal memory for storage of several weeks of emissions data. Its built-in ribbon printer for standard (non-thermal) paper allows on the spot printing of user configurable reports for fast and efficient regulatory inspection of boilers and engines.

Simple and featuring the most advanced sampling and measuring technologies, the GA40T Plus® is a robust and performant instrument you can rely on for emissions testing and process control operations.

GA40T Plus® Plus portable gas Analyser meets requirements of EN 50379 and EN 50270.

Advanced sampling system into a robust and performant Portable Multigas Analyser

GA40T Plus®