D-R 808 Dust Monitor

small to medium dust concentration

Reliable Monitor and and Low Maintenance Required

The D-R 808 is a highly reliable and accurate dust monitor small low to medium concentrations using the scattering principle. The scattering principle is ideally suited when it comes to measuring very low concentrations, as the modulated light of a laser diode penetrates the measuring volume in the flue duct, a highly sensitive detector records the light scattered by the dust particles in a forward direction and the measured scattered light is directly proportional to the dust concentration. With its certification range of 0 … 7.5 mg/m3 the D-R 808 is the perfect solution for monitoring very low dust concentrations.
Due to the simplified and advanced design, the D-R 808 is unmatched in its ease of maintenance. There is no need to remove the device from the stack for the linearity check with optical filters.