Accurate and Comprehensive Smoke Detector for Tunnels and Parkings

Smoke Detector for Tunnels and Parkings

The Smokecheck™ is a smoke detector for tunnels and parkings that detects and locates smoke particles level in real-time in road tunnels and traffic areas to prevent any incidents or early fire.

Ultimate technology with a limited investment

Thanks to its technology based on photodiode, the SmokeCheck™ measures smoke throughout the tunnel every 50 meters and locates any incident with a high accuracy, indicating a loss of light by absorption of particles in the ambient air.

Optimized security

This smoke detector controls blind zones and provides an immediate mapping of the tunnel to identify the source of the smoke in less than one second. It also has an adjustable alarm for detection of abnormal smoke threshold.

Easy to install and maintain

Configured with a setting console, the installation of  the Smokecheck™ is proposed in two versions:

          • Emitter and deflector on the same side of the tunnel
          • Emitter and deflector on each side of the tunnel

Last but not least, the Smokecheck™ maintenance is extremely easy, it only requires to clean the lens with a soft tissue twice a year.