Two CEMS for a Power Station in NSW

AquaGas is thrilled to announce an award for significant contribution to a big power station in New South Whales. This plant is set to produce electricity using two robust “F Class” open cycle gas turbines that have the versatility to run on hydrogen, natural gas, and, as a contingency, diesel. Recognised as a Critical State Significant Infrastructure project by the State Government in December 2020, this power station plays a vital role in ensuring a stable energy supply for New South Wales (NSW).

AquaGas commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability, and precision has culminated in the successful delivery of two large walk-in CEMS shelters, equipped with an array of advanced instruments:

LaserCEM NO, NO2, NOx, CO, O2 and H2O Analyser

At the core of emission monitoring lies the cutting-edge LaserCEM analyser. It detects concentrations of NOx, CO, O2, and H2O with unparalleled precision. This real-time analysis ensures that emissions are tracked promptly, aiding in quick decision-making to maintain air quality standards.

In Situ Flow Meter D-FL 100

To accurately quantify emissions, a reliable flow measurement system is paramount. The in situ flow meter D-FL100 seamlessly integrates into the monitoring process, delivering real-time flow data crucial for precise emissions calculations.

Sampling Probe ASP1300

Gathering representative samples directly from the emission source is pivotal. The Sampling Probe ASP1300 ensures that collected samples are a faithful representation of the emissions, contributing to comprehensive monitoring results.

CDAS Data Acquisition and Handling System

The CDAS data acquisition, handling and emissions reporting system with touch screen local interface and remote computer in control room, efficiently manages the acquired data, featuring automated 7 days drift test (injection and reporting) and software assisted RATA testing.

This advanced system not only captures real-time data but also processes and stores it for further analysis. Additionally, its emissions reporting feature is an integral part of regulatory compliance.

The recognition received for the involvement in this power generation plant project is a testament to AquaGas unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. By seamlessly integrating advanced instruments, user-friendly interfaces, and remote control capabilities, AquaGas ensures efficient emissions monitoring and protects the natural beauty that surrounds us.

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