Emissions and Process Gas

Portable Gas Analysers

Portable gas analysers for Flue gas / Coal gas / Syngas / Biogas (…)

Portable Multigas Analysers designed for accurate monitoring of emissions and process gas. Featuring  advanced sampling system, Nafion dryer or Peltier cooler, heated or standard sampling train, onboard data acquisition system, wireless comms AquaGas range of portable gas analyser enlarges monitoring capabilities with the addition of specific compounds such as HF, HCl, low SO2 to the standard regulated pollutants. Produced for harsh operating conditions, our range fits complex multigas application with up to 10 gas proprietary measuring cells (PID, NDIR, FID, EC) amongst a large selection of  compounds commonly targeted in the industry. With compact design and modular sampling system, each portable gas analyser offers unique multiple sensor options, integrated and calibrated as per the application requirements. Separate gas paths and gas proprietary cells allows combining performant and reliable NDIR, PID, TCD, EC field replaceable sensors into the same equipment.

Our technicians are trained by manufacturers and highly experienced with the following brands:

Our strong partnerships implemented with world leading CEMS and Process gas analyser manufacturers as well as local distributors,  provide AquaGas with an extensive range of technologies, diverse measuring principle and sampling methods to design and build cost effective, versatile and high performance systems composed of instruments specifically selected  in consideration of the applications.

Measuring Principle

Portable Gas Analysers

  • NDIR – Non Directive Infrared
  • EC – Electrochemical Sensors
  • UV – Chemiluminescence
  • FID – Flame Ionisation Detector
  • PID – Photoionization Detector
  • GC – Gas Chromatograph
  • TCD – Thermal Conductivity Detector


Portable Gas Analysers

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Sampling Solution

Deep filtration – Fast response time – Ease of operation
Portable Gas Analysers

Portable sampling equipment for detailed field analysis and source testing

Sampling is the key factor to ensure reliable representative analysis and is essential to preserve the good status of your monitoring system.

AquaGas Pty Ltd supplies portable sampling equipment robust and designed specifically for stack testers and mobile laboratories.

Our portable devices are available as system components for integration in an existing mobile laboratory or as a complete systems.

Ankersmid portable solutions combine the best technologies available to extract, transfer, and condition samples from stack or process gases prior to analysis. Our adaptive and modular product range suits a large variety of applications and allow performing efficient short to medium term on site measurement.

Product Line

Portable Gas Analysers

Madur GA Series

With its modular and innovative design, the GA Portable Gas Analysers from Madur feature unprecedented combinations of gas sensing technologies (EC, PID, FPD, UV, TCD, NDIR…) and sampling methods (Peltier, Nafion membrane…)

Gas Chromatograph and FIDs

Gas chromatographic separation of hydrocarbons, aromatics, solvents and many others VOCs.

Combination of Measuring Principle (NDIR, TCD, ElectroChemical…)

Selection of gas proprietary measuring cells to fit specifically biogas and syngas application requirements at minor cost.

CEMS and Process Product Line

Data Acquisition and Handling Systems

CEMS and Process Analysers

Calibrators and Gas Generators

Customised Systems and Services

System integration

As a system integration company AquaGas offers a large range of engineering services including product and systems design, project management and consulting.

Onsite services

AquaGas provides a comprehensive and flexible range of onsite services covering preventive and corrective maintenance, calibrations, data processing and reporting.

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