DR-820 F Extractive scattered light analyser

Extractive Dust Concentration Monitor for Wet Gases

The D-R 820 F Extractive scattered light analyser is a dust concentration monitor for wet gases, this system is design for continuous extractive dust concentration measurement in accordance with the scattered light principle.

The measuring process starts with a defined partial current which is withdrawn from the exhaust gas current. This partial current is continuously heated and diluted with clean, heated air directly in the sampling probe. This immediately lowers the relative moisture and aerosols get evaporated in the heated probe. The partial current is then optically measured in the measuring chamber and the signal is corrected by the measured dilution ratio and is thus a measure of the dust content of the exhaust gas.

This technology is extremely reliable and has proven its efficiency over the years in a wide range of applications such as power plants (oil, gas, coal or co-firing),  hazardous waste and sewage sludge incinerators, at systems behind the flue gas scrubber and desulfurization.