Data Acquisition and Reporting Software

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

The CDAS software meets the stringent demands of WID, LCPD, EN14181, IPPC and customer specific CEMS reporting requirements.

CDAS allows data to be viewed in a fully configurable screen layout to support individual preferences via preset and customisable data channels.

From data logging to data processing, trending and reporting, the CDAS software suite provides the flexibility to supply a complete solution for your site.

It is currently operated on over 100 sites around the world including Waste Incinerators, Chemical Plants, Power Stations, Hospitals, Health & Safety applications and many other processes. Continually evolving around customer requirements the CDAS software suite meets the stringent demands of WID, LCPD (EN14181), IPPC applications, and many more.

CDAS data acquisition programmes are installed on a PC that is connected to all of the analytical instruments. Communications are accomplished via either serial, Ethernet protocols or analogue inputs. Analogue and digital I/O can be added to the system using distributed I/O models. Other communication protocols are supported such as Modbus and OPC from the CDAS PC for easy interface to PLC.

  • Automatic Period Reports
  • Communicates via Remote Analogue I/O
  • Dual Redundant Data Collection
  • Correction to Standard Reference Conditions
  • Allows application of EN14181 Calibration Functions
  • Performs Automatic EN14181 QAL3 Testing
  • Graphing Options
  • Configurable Alarms
  • Searchable Alarm History Screen
  • Specific Gas Bottles Associated to QAL3 Test
  • Simultaneously Performs Multiple QAL3 Tests from a Mixed Gas Bottle
  • Windows compatibility and multi language support

Data Collection, Processing and Visualisation

CDAS acquires data in real time. Real time data then converted to:

  • Raw Data (Instrument Value)
  • Calibrated Data (EN14181 QAL2 Calibration Function)
  • Corrected Data (Reference Conditions)
  • Adjusted Data (Reportable Values)

A data file for each of the conditions above is written to the hard disk. CDAS does not delete any data that it has recorded.

CDAS Report is an offline package that allows reports and graphs to be generated. The CDAS Report offers the flexibility to configure reports to meet the requirements of the site permit and the Environmental Agencies. Each report can be generated at any time without interrupting the data collection process. Reports are simple to generate using the report wizard.

Dual Redundancy

To maximise data capture, two copies of CDAS can be set up in a duty/standby dual redundant arrangement. The standby machine connects to the duty machine and is supplied with live data. If the standby machine detects that the live data supply is interrupted then it will attempt to collect data from the instruments itself.


CDAS Elite is the complete data logging, trending and analysis package, expanding on the features available in CDAS Advanced. CDAS Elite offers full support for EN14181 QAL3 & QAL2 testing, allowing full or semi-automatic control of the testing procedure.

CDAS Elite

CDAS Elite is the complete data logging, trending and analysis package, expanding on the features available in CDAS Advanced. CDAS Elite offers full support for EN14181 QAL3 testing, allowing full or semi-automatic control of the testing procedure.

  • EN14181 QAL3 periodic calibration options
  • EN14181 QAL3 analysis reports
  • Support for dual redundancy of software

CDAS Advanced

CDAS Advanced is designed to meet the demands of the CEMS market. Additional features include a more flexible corrections system, new averages and improved graphical features.

  • EN14181 – QAL2 calibration functions
  • Ethernet communications
  • 3 level user security system
  • Secure encrypted data files storing data at different stages of processing

Environmental Compliance Reporting




Data acquisition is paramount to the functionality of a CEMS suite. As well as providing real time reports and data handling, the purpose of data acquisition & reporting software is to provide adherence to legislative compliance. The continuous operation ensures that the CEMS suite is running to it full capabilities, eliminating the risk of excess emissions.

A1-Cbiss Data Aquisition Software (CDAS) is a fully MCERTS accredited (parts A, B, C1 & C2) real time data acquisition software – now available for touch screens and windows 10. CDAS is customisable and flexible, allowing it to collect raw data from a range of instruments for CEMS.

“CDAS is the market leading MCERTS accredited (parts A, B, C1 & C2) Data Acquisition package that retrieves data from a range of instruments for CEMS, Gas Detection and Refrigerant Leak Detection applications”.

Advanced MCERTS Certified data acquisition software package.


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