Diverse array of accessories and options to complement our sampling solutions.

Extensible stand for HP5 Probe | Accessories

The support is a useful tool for managing the HP5 probe during insertion and extraction, particularly when the condensing glassware is attached to the back of the probe. Accessories that can be fully extended to 1.6 meters and, when closed, stands at around 1 meter tall. The support head can secure the probe, while two knobs with screws lock it in position. Additionally, the flat base at the bottom provides stability even on grill floors. This practical design allows for easy transport and lifting to the sampling point.

Companion App | Accessories

Versatile, free application for Android app that can be used as a standalone tool for nozzle and flowrate calculation. Alternatively, it can also be used in conjunction with the ST5/ST5 Evo automatic isokinetic samplers, ST2, and other devices to enable display mirroring on a smartphone, provide access to program stack libraries or Pitot constants, and facilitate direct download and transmission of data in the lab.

Digital Inclinometer | Accessories

According to the EN16911 and EPA M1/M2 standards, it is necessary to assess the inclination of the Pitot tube in relation to the flue gas direction in order to determine the validity of the sampling operation. Provides a solution by being attached to the back of the HP5 hub and indicating the rotation angle of the probe. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a fixing bracket for secure attachment.

Ice Machine | Accessories

Running out of ice during stack sampling can be frustrating, particularly when specific condensing conditions must be met, such as in the case of heavy metals. If no other options are available, an ice machine can be used as a last resort. Simply fill it with water and turn it on when you arrive at the sampling point, and you’ll have fresh ice available in case of an emergency. Additional features include:

  • Produces 12 kg of ice in 24 hours
  • Ice cubes ready in as little as 10 minutes
  • Water reservoir holds 2.4 liters
  • Dimensions: 24.2 x 35.8 x 32.8 cm
  • Weight: 9.2 kg

1 lt. Silica Gel trap | Accessories

Traps developed to hold silica gel crystals or charcoal tube powder, which are made of durable polycarbonate and polyethylene. To facilitate filling, these accessories does not have a tube that enters inside the material. A PUF disc provides protection from dust and crystals. The trap is also available in a 100cc volume (p/n 101 110 4002).

PVDF Ball Valve | Accessories

These accessories are particularly handy for shutting off the sampling line when setting up a side-sampling configuration, particularly when using QB1 sampling pumps that have an internal line loop and can still function with the valve completely closed.

Constructed from tough PVDF, a polymer that shares nearly identical chemical properties to PTFE, the valve is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200°C and exhibits excellent resistance to inorganic, corrosive substances, though not organic solvents.

Monorail and trolley for HP5 | Accessories

Convenient monorail system developed with a trolley to safely handle heated probes that are equipped with complex condensation devices such as side sampling trains or PCDD condensing systems. The monorail is fixed between the stack port flange and the slide and lock device, making it ideal for sampling points with limited space where the probe tail and condensing glassware extend beyond the banister.
For longer probes exceeding 1.5 meters, a steel chain support can be added to enhance the monorail’s stability.

Afnor plate w/ 2″ port and handles | Accessories

The Afnor plate, constructed from durable stainless steel, enables connection to the slide and lock device with rectangular ports measuring 459x160mm (HxW), as required by EN15259 – Annex A. The plate is equipped with eight fixing holes, two handles for easy handling, and an additional 2″ stack port for the use of a second line dedicated to gas sampling or real-time monitoring.

2-ways Heating controller | Accessories

Introducing a versatile temperature control solution for heated devices like the HP5 probe and hub, as well as the thermoregulated version of the HP1 probe. This innovative device enables precise temperature regulation. To operate the 2-ways heating controller, connecting cables are required. Choose from the following accessories options:

  • Cable for HP5 probe/hub with a length of 5 meters
  • Cable for HP5 probe/hub with a length of 10 meters
  • Cable for HP1 tube/filter with a length of 5 meters
  • Cable for HP1 tube/filter with a length of 10 meters

Class G1.6 Laboratory DGM | Accessories

Introducing the versatile Class G1.6 DGMs designed specifically for laboratory use. These DGMs come equipped with inlet and outlet hosebarbs, allowing for direct connection with the samplers. Additionally, a Class G4 version of the DGM is offered, for those requiring higher specifications.

Product options:

  • Class G4 DGM for laboratory
  • DGM certification on 5 points

500cc Glass impingers | Accessories

  • 500cc Free tube Impinger
  • 500cc Plate Impinger
  • GL25/GL18 elbow connector
  • 90° Outlet gas connector
  • 500cc Polycarbonate Impinger
  • Pack of 5 porous septum (Polycarbonate Impinger)
  • Type “A” Impinger (Impingers for NOX/SOX)

250cc Impingers for Side Sampling | Accessories

  • 250 cc Side Sampling Impinger w/schott
  • 250cc free tube Polycarbonate impinger
  • 250 cc Side Sampling Impinger w/frit
  • 250 cc PTFE Impinger (TRS sampling)
  • 250 cc PE Impinger (Fluorides sampling)


  • n° 1 Mousse and support for 3+3 impingers
  • n° 3 500cc free tube impinger
  • n° 1 GL25/GL18 90° Elbow connector
  • n° 1 Outlet gas 90° Elbow connector
  • n° 3 250 cc Side Sampling Impinger
  • n° 1 Outlet T connector w/ temp sensor inlet
  • n° 1 PVDF Ball valve for derived line
  • n° 1 Type K thermocouple for Outlet T fitting
  • Athermic Box 101 102 1201 (Not Included)


POPs – persistent organic pollutants
POPs have been discovered to be the relevant part of emissions to the environment causing health effects, including dioxins (PCCD/F), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), hexachlorobenzene (HCB) and others. These compounds have a high stability, low volatility and are degraded very slowly. Due to the lipophilic character, an accumulation in the human body takes place.

Fine & Coarse dust
Fine dust is the portion of solids in gases being the focus of concern for pulmonary health effects. ParTrace® cartridges trace the fine dust fraction of general concern, PM10, PM2.5, PM1, and splits them in the respective fractions within one sampling run.

Volatile Organics Compounds

Odour indicator Components

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