New ProCeas AIR ref in NSW

ProCeas AIR by Ap2e DURAG with 8-Stream Multiplexer for Precise Monitoring of CH4, CO2, NH3, H2, N2O, and H2O

AquaGas Pty Ltd, a trailblazer in environmental monitoring, is set to redefine air quality analysis with its recent acquisition of a reference project in New South Wales. The cornerstone of this pioneering initiative is the deployment of the ProCeas AIR, an advanced air quality analyser renowned for its precision and versatility. Enhanced by an 8-stream multiplexer, this state-of-the-art technology will play a pivotal role in simultaneously scanning greenhouse gas concentrations, including CH4, CO2, NH3, H2, N2O, and H2O, across the largest animal respiratory chambers facility ever built in Australia.

Key Technical Features of the ProCeas AIR with 8-Stream Multiplexer

Let’s explore the technical specifications of Ap2e DURAG ProCeas AIR, with a particular focus on its ability to measure CH4, CO2, NH3, H2, N2O, and H2O in conjunction with the 8-stream multiplexer.

Sequential Multi-Stream Analysis: The ProCeas AIR’s 8-stream multiplexer allows for the sequential analysis of eight distinct streams, enabling real-time measurement of CH4, CO2, NH3, H2, N2O, and H2O concentrations across diverse respiratory chambers.

Powerful GHG monitoring system The ProCeas belongs to the last generation of spectrometers developed for CEM, process control and air quality monitoring applications. For this application, the ProCeas features a combination of Lasers enabling simultaneous, continuous real time measurement of a range of critical gases, including methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3), hydrogen (H2), nitrous oxide (N2O), and water vapor (H2O).

Enhanced Sampling Efficiency: The multiplexer optimises sampling efficiency by facilitating the simultaneous measurement of multiple gases across various emissions sources. This is particularly advantageous when monitoring various chambers, ensuring accurate assessments without compromising efficiency.

Customisable Sampling Sequences: With user configurable sampling durations and cycles, the ProCeas AIR and its 8-stream multiplexer empower us to tailor this GHG gas monitoring system to our clients’ specific needs. This flexibility guarantees accurate and pertinent measurements for each respiratory chamber.

This adaptability guarantees a thorough comprehension of the air quality within the facility, with unparalleled short response times and lower detection Limit.

Analytical performances:
  • Very high measurement sensivity
  • Absence of interference, particularly regarding H2O and CO2,
  • Very high measurement dynamics (4 to 5 decades)
  • Very high measurement repeatability (less than 1% of the reading)
  • Automatic zero and no drift over time, avoiding regular calibration
  • Short response time allowing real time measurement of the process/emissions.
  • Multi-component solution
  • Direct measurement, without modifying the nature of the sample gas
  • Very low flow rate minimizing the fouling of the sampling system
  • Easy integration with communication devices thanks to an intuitive interface and Ethernet and/or Modbus communication.
  • Remote access via embedded module for diagnostics
  • Low maintenance: Yearly maintenance (pump replacement kit + filters)

Importance to the project

In the context of this project, the ProCeas AIR’s 8-stream multiplexer, combined with its ability to measure ppb top ppm level of CH4, CO2, NH3, H2, N2O, and H2O, positions our client to conduct comprehensive and simultaneous analysis across diverse respiratory chambers. This capability aligns seamlessly with the project’s goals of achieving a nuanced understanding of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.These analyses will offer a comprehensive understanding of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock worldwide.

As AquaGas pioneers the use of the ProCeas AIR with an 8-stream multiplexer, this collaboration sets the stage for future advancements in GHG and environmental monitoring while our client remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation to contribute significantly to the field of air quality analysis and environmental research.

The integration of the ProCeas AIR in this NSW facility underscores AquaGas Pty Ltd’s commitment to excellence in environmental monitoring. This powerful combination of advanced technologies, multiplexing capabilities, and the ability to measure CH4, CO2, NH3, H2, N2O, and H2O positions AquaGas as a leader in air quality analysis, offering unparalleled insights into greenhouse gas concentrations across diverse facilities to establish accurate GHG emissions inventory. As AquaGas continues to lead in cutting-edge solutions, the ProCeas AIR multistream stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to precision, innovation, and sustainable environmental practices.

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