Water Quality Sensors

H-1® and SLIM 48/96® Series

4-wire and 2-wire field proof transmitter

H-1® Series

Field Instrument

The Field proof  H-1® Water Quality Sensors and transmitters can easily be deployed over large industrial facilities with various installation possibilities thanks to its pole or wall mount rugged enclosure. This series of transmitters has been developed by HORIBA to achieve “durability”,“functionality”, and “maintainability” in harsh operating conditions. The H-1® series features a comprehensive range of sensors suited to all kinds of water treatment from purified water to wastewater.

4-wire panel mount transmitter

SLIM 48/96® Series

Panel Mount Sensor

The panel mount Water Quality Sensors HORIBA SLIM 48/96® Series is designed for integration into industrial panels and systems for process water monitoring. Their compact design reduces space requirements for multistream and multiparameter applications. The panel mount SLIM 48/96® are used worldwide for automatic all-purpose monitoring of sewerage, discharge monitoring, process water and associated filtration systems.