Wind Monitoring System for Tunnels

Wind Velocity Monitoring System for Tunnels

The Windcheck™ is a wind monitoring system that measures wind velocity and direction, ensuring optimal air ventilation in road tunnels and safety for users.

Ultimate technology with a limited investment

The Windcheck™ has been designed with the ultimate technology that measures within seconds wind velocity and wind direction. Those measures are then compared to its reference axis, and as a result of this, the measured value triggers the automatic activation of ventilation when required. By using the principle of sound propagation through the air, the technology of ultrasound anemometer is really simple to use and install, thus optimizing costs.

Flexible solution

In order to adapt to difficult conditions, negative ambient temperature for instance, the Windcheck™ automatically activates the heaters fitted in the satellite to avoid freezing and guarantee accurate measures whatever the environment.

Easy to install and maintain

The Windcheck™ is designed as an “all-in-one” and the communication with the equipment is managed by a remote console, making the setting and installation smooth and quick. Moreover, the instrument’s maintenance is easy, cleaning the transducers with a soft tissue twice a year guarantees the proper operation of the anemometer.