Air Quality Parkings and Tunnels Sensors

Opagaz® Visibility measurement and gas detection

Optimizing air quality in your tunnel and car spaces

Air Quality Sensors for Parking and Tunnels

It is essential to provide tunnel users satisfactory air quality. That is why,  the role of the Opagaz® equipment is to permanently check the different toxic gas levels (CO + NO2 or NO) and the opacity, using a single device. Moreover, the Opagaz® is a flexible solution which gives the end user the possibility of using it as a single opacimeter and adding one or two gases as required. It has been developed to optimize space saving, thanks to a compact design, to provide an easy and single connection and to enable a quick installation. Additionally, it meets all the latest communication requirements and all current maintenance operations have been designed to be simple and quick for operators. Lastly, the Opagaz®  is delivered calibrated and ready to use.