Oxygen Analyser


Oxycheck™ is Pillard’s last generation of insitu probe designed for fuel-efficiency in combustion and post combustion applications. Providing realtime, accurate and reliable Oxygen measurements, the Oxycheck™ enables safe and efficient operations and automations in small to large scale combustion plants such as boilers, industrial burners, power plants.

Smart Design

As a fixed insitu device, Pillard Oxycheck™ analyzer is designed to be mounted directly at industrial stacks, ducts or along exhaust lines. Pillard Oxycheck™ solution consists of a light weight and robust Oxycheck™ measuring probe and its associated electronics (control unit). For flexible installation and ease of operations, the Oxycheck™control unit can be located up to 10 m from the measuring probe. A signal lamp on the control unit keeps the operator informed immediately about the system status eliminating the need for regular site attendances and visual inspections.

Reliable operation and Certified for combustion control

The Oxycheck™ uses an interference-free and extremely sensitive method based on the integration of a Zr zirconium dioxide measuring cell fitted inside the tip the probe. While directly inserted in the flue gas stream, the Oxycheck™ Zr cell is sensing variations of the O2 content in the flue gas in less than a few seconds. Pillard Oxycheck™ complies with SIL2 certifications guaranteeing operational safety and improving energy performances in combustion plants.

Easy maintenance

The Oxycheck™ measuring probe concept simplifies the maintenance tasks by providing an easy access the sensor. With a minimum calibration interval of six months, the maintenance is very simple and quick and only consists in cleaning the sensor and replacing the filters.

Exclusive Features

Safe and efficient automations in combustion plants

Oxycheck™ 3-year warranty

Certification SIL2, 61508
 Measuring range 0 to 20.9% Response time less than 200 sec


Oxygen Analyser

  • Analytical Performances

    Technology in situ probe / electrochemical sensor

    Measuring range 0 to 20.9%

    Accuracy 2% of full scale

    Response time >200sec

  • Pleasant interface

    Analogue Outputs

    Three 4 – 20 mA on 300Ω max.

    Output contacts

    RT contact 250V-2A

  • Construction

    Enclosure IP65 Ingress Protection

    Certification EN60529

    Weight From 8,4 to 12,6kg

    External dimensions  From 615mm to 2.365mm

    Power supply 115Vac or 230Vac / 50Hz – 60Hz

    Power Consumption 50VA

  • Options

    Tailor made probe length 

    Remote control 

    Calibration Kit

Measured Parameters


The Oxycheck™ is a stable and accurate analysing probe for a real-time measure of oxygen concentration in combustion fuel gas and ensures fuel-efficiency of the industrial burner.

Oxygen O20 to 20.9%

INSITU Measuring Probe


Oxygen Monitoring Solution

Oxygen Analyser for fuel-efficiency in industrial burners

Industrial Stacks


With stricter environmental regulations optimisation of the combustion process for reduced pollutant emission and higher fuel efficiency is a major objective for manufacturers.

Monitoring solutions and applications for stack industries 

    • Oxygen concentration monitoring, in combustion flue gas to ensure safe and efficient operations and automations in small to large scale combustion plants such as boilers, industrial burners, power plants.
    • Low dust concentration monitoring, to ensure continuous measure and control dust emissions to all stacks industries.

Industrial Burners


Flame monitoring and applications for industrial burners

Flame scanners are compatible with all types of fuels and can be used in the following industries:

  • Energy
  • Petrochemical
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Claus Unit

Proven technology for industrial burners flame monitoring and all types of fuels:

  • Ultra-Violet radiation technology, which monitors flame presence of gas and diesel oil.
  • Infra-red technology, which monitors heavy oil, coal, or liquid fuel.
  • Pyrometric technology, which monitors the flame presence of acid gas and multi-fuel combustion.

Opastop™ GP4000H

Dust monitor for industrial stacks

Opastop GP4000H-EX™

Dust monitoring for all industrial stacks – EX

Flame Scanners™

Flame monitoring for all industrial burners


Gas ignitor for industrial burners

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