Occupational hygiene

Assessment of exposure and individual protection

Occupational hygiene calibrator designed for evaluating exposure and providing individual protection in workplace settings, as well as calibrating and verifying personal sampling systems.


Flow Calibrator | Occupational hygiene

State-of-the art flow calibrator that verifies and calibrates personal, environmental, or emissions samplers.

Flow rage available

  • from 0.45 nl/min to 45 nl/min
  • from 0.050 nl/min to 5.000 nl/min

The CF1 is a versatile device capable of calibrating no only the flow rate of the samplers but also ambient pressure, ambient temperature (UR version), relative humidity, and the volume of air passing through the cell. With the CF1, you can perform multiple calibrations using just one device.

The CF1 is also available in the CF1-UR version, which features an external sensor for measuring ambient temperature and relative humidity of the air.

Meets and exceeds the requirements of EN 12341 and EN 16450 standards:

    • PM10 and PM2.5 (ISO23210 VDI2066/10)
    • HCl (EN1911, EPA50, EPA51)
    • Dust (EN 13 284-1 and EPA5)
    • Heavy metals (EN14385 and EPA 60)
    • Insitu Velocity and Flow rate determination in accordance with EN 16911-1 and EN 15259


Measures the flow rate in real-time, both during suction an delivery Displays the measurement data in its screen and can acquire the data in both gas conditions (Pamb and Tgas) or normalized conditions.
The UR version of the CF1 is equipped with a combined external sensor for measuring relative humidity and ambient temperature Can provide flow rate data in both current and anhydrous conditions
Equipped with ambient temperature and pressure sensors Can be used to calibrate these parameters on samplers
CF1 features an integrated flow rate reading that measures the volume of gas sampled during a test, whether under normal or current conditions This feature also enable to utilize CF1 for verifying the reading of volumetric meters.
Supplied with CF1-Link software and USB key for wireless connection to a windows PC. Allows the visualisation of instantaneous data and downloading the acquired data.
4000 mA rechargeable lithium polymer batteries with anatomy up to 8 hours. USB Type-C power port enables to recharge directly on the field or connect to a power bank to extent the equipment autonomy.


POPs – persistent organic pollutants
POPs have been discovered to be the relevant part of emissions to the environment causing health effects, including dioxins (PCCD/F), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), hexachlorobenzene (HCB) and others. These compounds have a high stability, low volatility and are degraded very slowly. Due to the lipophilic character, an accumulation in the human body takes place.

Fine & Coarse dust
Fine dust is the portion of solids in gases being the focus of concern for pulmonary health effects. ParTrace® cartridges trace the fine dust fraction of general concern, PM10, PM2.5, PM1, and splits them in the respective fractions within one sampling run.

Volatile Organics Compounds

Odour indicator Components

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