Online Monitoring Systems


Environmental Monitoring and Pollution Control

The Australian Water Quality Guidelines (ANZECC,2000) set monitoring & assessment strategies and program as part of the National Water Quality Management Strategy (NWQMS) aim to achieve the sustainable use of Australia’s and New Zealand’s water resources by protecting and enhancing their quality while maintaining economic and social development.

Surface and Groundwater Real Time Monitoring stations, mobile laboratories and online analysers, for the protection of surface water, spring water, rivers, and groundwater.
Sea water Prevention of sea water pollution by hydrocarbon wastes: Oil tankers, Oil Rigs, Refinery wastes.

Control and automation

Drinking water ONLINE water quality monitoring solutions for upstream and downstream purification processes. Ensuring optimal quality all along the manufacturing and distribution network.

Process water Integrated solutions suited to industrial processes providing real-time monitoring of industrial water and effluents.

HORIBA Process and Environmental

Committed to a better environment and a sustainable future,…

AquaGas Smart CEMS solution

  AquaGas is excited to increase its range of smart sensors…

TOPAZ Cerium – Rare Earth

A rare earth element (REE) or rare earth metal (REM)…

A 550 Industrial Handheld Analyser

O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx and SO2 Compact, robust and extremely accurate…

NOx Emissions Testing

The emission of pollutants resulting from a multitude of activities…

Breathing Air Quality

The AIRQUAL1 has been at the subject of numerous…

Flammable and toxic Offgas

Recent incidents have occurred in several open cut coal mines…

City Of Gold Coast

Committed to a better environment and sustainable future, AquaGas…

Odour Control Systems

AquaGas Pty Ltd has been selected for the supply, installation,…

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AquaGas Pty Ltd is delighted to announce the acquisition of…

WT1 Fence Line Monitoring Solution

"MADE TO MEASURE" for the growing demand for flexible and…

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Sterilant Gas Detection System

The Australia’s leading manufacturers of disinfectants…

Biogas Monitoring

AquaGas Pty Ltd has delivered two Biogas Monitoring Systems for…

Tank Headspace Monitoring Systems – THMS

Water treatment plant in refineries and other oil and gas…

Wastewater Online Analysers

After having successfully completed the commissioning of…

CSIRO selects the LaserCEM – Laser Spectrometer for Continuous Emissions Monitoring

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation…

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AquaFID THC CEMS – Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

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Stack Testing

The emission of pollutants resulting from a multitude of…

Mine Water Online Analysers

  The use of water in mining has the potential to affect…

Syngas monitoring

The use of process gas online monitoring systems at locations…

Indoor air quality

  The last generation of conventional submarines…

CEMS and process gas analyser

  The Mamos is a high quality stationary monitoring…

Suspended oil online monitoring

  The benefits of accurate suspended oil (oil in…

Universal gas sampling system

  Sampling is a key factor to ensure representative…

Continuous IR laser spectroscopy

The ProCeas® and the LaserCEM® are based on the OFCEAS* measuring…

OFCEAS & Low Pressure Sampling

Starting in 2012, AP2E launched the industrialisation of…

Process monitoring in biogas plants

Why is process monitoring necessary? Biogas plants are biological…

Online analysis in the Chlorine industry

Large-scale production of chlorine involves several steps and…

Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

  TOC Evolution AquaGas introduces the TOC Evolution…


AquaGas’ products and systems are used worldwide, and are suitable for an extensive range of applications including:

Environmental Agencies: providing water quality Monitoring Stations and Networks

Oil & Gas: catering to chemical and refining facilities, drilling plants, petrochemical and petroleum industries, tank farms, oil storage, slop stations, offshore platforms, oil tankers.

Manufacturing: Membrane based processes or using mercuric and diaphragm cells, electro-chlorination, chlorine and soda production, control of chemical effluents, residual concentration of active chlorine, control of tail-gas exhaust spray towers, cooling water for boilers and power plants, Liquid effluent of mining processes, drinking water quality control, upstream and downstream drinking water purification…

Waste Management: urban and industrial waste water treatment plants

Key functions for enhanced monitoring

Sequential or continuous online analysis

Several methods and ranges are available on the same instrument Multistream capacities

  • Wide range of integrated solutions

    Versatile Integration
    Complete stationary monitoring stations for single or multistream applications
    Dual or redundant monitoring system settings
    Certified data logging, processing, and reporting systems with remote access
    System features for standards compliance or process automation
    Mobile laboratories or portable systems for short or long-term monitoring programs

    Several methods of analysis

    UV, IR Spectrometry

  • Flexible scope of work adapted to variable project needs

    Turnkey projects
    Stand-alone analyser or system
    Upgrade, enhancement or extension of an existing system
    Products and systems  design
    Integration of third party instruments or peripheral systems

  • Large choice of integration methods to suit various installation environments

    Shelters and cabinets
    Wall mounted systems
    Instruments Racks
    Mobile installation
    Insitu instruments
    Direct extractive or dilution based modular and universal sampling systems

  • Measured Parameters

    Online Monitoring (multiparameter – multistream)

    Testing for: Ammonium, Free or Total Chlorine, Hydrazine, Morphine, Phenol, Sulphates, Colour, Silica, Phosphates (Orthophosphates), Hardness, Aluminium, Chromium VI, Iron, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, TH, Alkalinity, Chlorides, Cyanides, Fluorides, Peracetic acid VFA, CaMg, turbidity, Total Organic compounds, Total HydroCarbons, suspended hydrocarbons and oil, oil in water – For other parameters please contact us.

    Tank Dewatering System

    Automatic water drainage system from oil storage tank.

Online Analysers

Environmental Monitoring and Process Water


Multi parameters Multi streams Analyser


Single Parameter Online Analyser


Single Parameter Online Analyser

TOC Evolution®

Total Organic Carbon Online Analyser

OPAL® Oil Pollution Alarm

Online Nephelometer for Suspended Oils and HCs


Automatic Tank Dewatering System

Turbidity Analyser

Online Nephelometer


Automatic COD Analyser


Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Analyser


Drinking Water Analyser


Laser scanning Oil Film Detector


Organic Pollutant Analyser


pH meter


Residual Chlorine Transmitter


Simplified Fluoride Ion Concentration Meter


Four-Wire Type Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter

H-1® and SLIM 48/96® Series

Industrial Water Quality Sensors

Turnkey Systems and Customised Services

System integration

As a system integration company AquaGas offers a large range of engineering services including product and systems design, project management and consulting.

Onsite services

AquaGas provides a comprehensive and flexible range of onsite services covering preventive and corrective maintenance, calibrations, data processing and reporting.

Air Quality


CEMS and Process Gas


Gas Detection


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