8807GC® Portable Gas Chromatograph

Emissions & Process Testing

THC, VOC, aromatics, ethylene oxide, solvents, acetone

PCF’s 8807GC® Portable Gas Chromatograph is mainly intended for measurements of reactive hydrocarbons in ambient air and/or source gas by subtracting from the total concentration of hydrocarbons to the methane fraction. The analyser however can easily be reconfigured for specific hydrocarbon continuous monitoring. A sample pump on the back of the pneumatic circuit fills a calibrated capillary, whose content is injected via a 10 port rotation valve into a chromatography column filled with PQS or a most suitable substrate that allows separation of methane fraction from the total hydrocarbons. A microprocessor manages all functions relative to analytical sequences as well as data management, calibration and purge sequences. The software controls preconditioning, analytical sequences and alarm status. The instrument can easily be set for specific hydrocarbons (up to a maximum of eight species) by a simple upgrade of the firmware through the front panel interface.