Multigas analyser for greenhouse gases

The SmartCEMS® GHG is a highly reliable stationary emission and process analyser for direct and indirect greenhouse gases  (CH4, CO2, CO, N2O, and NOx). The SmartCEMS® GHG is designed for online monitoring of greenhouse gases (other gases available on demand) in emissions and process gases at industrial setup and urban utilities. It suits a large field of applications such as upstream or downstream of Odour Control Systems (OCS), fugitive emissions from waste recycling facilities, continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS) at burners plants and associated gas treatment centres.

The SmartCEMS® GHG was developed through an OEM with Madur (Poland) to enable easy compliance with the requirements of Environmental standards, CEMS codes and National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER). Designed to optimise performance/price ratio, the SmartCEMS® GHG analyser for greenhouse gases is small in size and measures with a very high level of accuracy. It is the cost effective alternative, for gas chromatograph for instance, as it suits the requirements of large and complex emissions monitoring and process control applicationsIts powerful and pleasant PC interface provides operators and system integrators with a broad range of settings to adjust many aspects of the measurement tasks such as automated sampling, calibration, purge sequences, analogue outputs’ behaviour, data presentations… Also, the SmartCEMS® GHG has been tailored to respond in all aspects to the demanding operating conditions in large scale waste-to-energy and waste treatment applications, thus making it a great and reliable analyser to optimise, operate and maintain plant facilities.

The SmartCEMS® GHG is offered as a complete stationary CEMS for permanent installation or long term rental. AquaGas global service includes the various level of associated services (initial and final installation, commissioning, long term or punctual service agreement as well as the supply of consumables and critical spares for periods up to 5 years).