M2001® Portable FID Analyser

Emissions & Process Testing

PCF’s M2001® Portable FID Analyser VOC/THC/CH4 analyser has been designed and built according to the EN 113526 – EN 12619 European directives for the measurement of VOC, THC and CH4 fractions in stack emissions. With the M2001® Portable FID Analyser, the sample is extracted through a variable length probe fitted with a top filter connected to the analyser with a heat traced  (150- 180°C) PTFE tube. In addition a safety filter is located upstream of the sample capillary. The sample is continuously flowing through the FID detector, ensuring fast response time and continuous monitoring. The integral analyser gas path as well as the sampling pump are regulated and maintained above sample dew point.

The Methane fraction CH4 can be determined at anytime by diverting the gas to a catalyst converter (manual by pass valve).  All organic compounds except the CH4, are then converted into CO2.