Introducing FIVES Pillard Tunnel Sensors

Precision Monitoring for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

FIVES Pillard tunnel sensors represent the pinnacle of innovation in tunnel monitoring technology, crafted by Pillard, a leading name in industrial combustion equipment. Engineered to meet the highest standards, these advanced sensors deliver accurate and reliable measurements of crucial parameters in tunnel, roadside and underground car parks.

Capable of measuring a diverse range of parameters such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, oxygen, dust, temperature, and airflow velocity, the FIVES Pillard sensors use cutting-edge technology and software for real-time monitoring and traffic control. This ensures not only optimal safety but also maximizes efficiency in the jetfan operations.

Designed to endure harsh and challenging environments, these sensors boast superior quality standards, guaranteeing long-term reliability and precision. For industrials, councils and governmental authorities committed to enhancing their tunnel sensor monitoring capabilities and achieving emissions reduction goals, FIVES Pillard tunnel sensors stand as an exceptional choice, providing the assurance of safety and efficiency in underground structures.

AquaGas is supporting the global industrial community with high performance environmental and process monitoring systems (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems, Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Online process analysers, Water Quality Monitoring Systems and tunnel sensors) specifically designed and built to meet your application requirements.


FIVES has more than a century of experience designing industrial burners as well as combustion and control systems used all over the world.

As industrial combustion experts, FIVES also supplies a comprehensive range of innovative technology, certified instruments and made-to-measure services. The Pillard analyzers and instruments are suited to a variety of applications, including combustion, road and railway tunnels, dusty environments as well as water and safety.