SO3 Monitoring System

In today’s industrial landscape, optimising operational efficiency and mitigating emissions are paramount concerns. To address these challenges, advanced technologies are emerging to provide accurate and real-time monitoring solutions. One such innovation is the SO3 Stack Analyser that is revolutionising industrial processes and emissions control.

SO3 and Its Impact

Sulfur Trioxide (SO3) is a corrosive gas generated during the combustion of sulfur-containing fuels, primarily in industrial settings. It poses several challenges, including corrosion of equipment, increased maintenance costs, and environmental concerns. Accurate measurement and control of SO3 levels are crucial for optimizing efficiency, minimizing equipment damage, and ensuring compliance with emissions regulations.

The SO3 Stack Analyser

The Pentol SO3 Stack Analyser combines wet-chemistry and photometry to measure accurately in stack SO3 concentrations in emissions and process gases. The gas sample is first taken through a heated probe, where it undergoes cooling and dilution with a mixture of isopropanol and water. This controlled environment facilitates the condensation of SO3, which subsequently reacts with sulfuric acid in the liquid phase. By eliminating issues associated with insufficient heating encountered in manual measurements, the accuracy of the readings is greatly improved.

The sample, now containing the reacted components, is then conveyed to the instrument via a peristaltic pump. Within the instrument, the sample undergoes further analysis by reacting with bariumchloranilate, resulting in a distinct coloration that corresponds to the concentration of SO3 present. The concentration is subsequently measured using a photometer, which can be calibrated automatically for precise results.

The Pentol SO3 is a short extractive heated analyser ensuring repetitive and highly accurate measurements, making it suitable for direct usage within industrial plants or laboratory environments. The Pentol SO3 stack analyser offers a reliable solution for obtaining precise SO3 concentration data, essential to efficient process monitoring and emissions control.

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Pentol chemicals offer a cost-effective way to solve emission problems at the source significantly improving performance with technological turnkey solutions. In addition to providing a healthy return on investment, Pentol practically contributes to the long-term preservation of our environment.

Pentol solutions reduce the environmental footprint of existing power plants by optimising their efficiency. Pentol offers a detailed on site evaluation of each power plant, assessing the rentability of available technologies and the implementation of the most promising ones.