SmartCEMS® GH2 deployed @ multiple GH2 facilities across Australia

The green hydrogen revolution begins with measurement

AquaGas Pty Ltd is proud to announce that one of Australia’s leaders in the renewable energy and low-carbon fuels awarded AquaGas Pty Ltd for the supply of six (6) SmartCEMS® GH2 for their green hydrogen production facilities.

Our client is taking a global leadership position in the renewable energy and green products industry by harnessing the world’s renewable energy resources to produce renewable electricity, green hydrogen, and other green industrial products such as green ammonia and green iron.

For this project AquaGas scope includes the provision, installation, and commissioning of 6 stand alone monitoring systems designed to monitor continuously and simultaneously H2 and O2 across a wide range of locations in their production facilities.

The SmartCEMS® GH2 sensor technology provides real-time continuous and simultaneous monitoring of H2 and O2 into GH2 gas streams. With fast response times and no cross-sensitivity to any other gases in the stream, including CO and H2S, the SmartCEMS® GH2 does not require reference or carrier gas systems.

The SmartCEMS® GH2 combines Thermal Conductivity Detection, Electrochemical and Paramagnetic technologies in the same analyser resulting in unique measurement possibilities including complex gas sensors configurations with a large selection of dynamic measuring range (ppm to %).

More on AquaGas Monitoring Systems for GH2

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