Universal gas sampling system


complete gas analysis equipment from one source

Sampling is a key factor to ensure representative analysis and essential to preserve the good status of your monitoring system. AquaGas Monitoring Systems introduces Ankersmid Sampling BVBA (Belgium) stationary sampling equipment designed for Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS) and process online analysis.

AquaGas solutions are available as system components for integration into third party systems or as complete turn-key systems. Our systems combine the best technologies available to extract, transfer, and condition samples from stack or crucial process locations prior to analysis.


Ankersmid Sampling Patented design offers a wide selection of modular options and combinations essential to optimise sampling performances and secure the availability rate of CEMS and process monitoring equipment.

Our adaptative product range is versatile and suits a large variety of applications including:

  • Cement Plant
  • Power Station (Coal fired, Diesel…)
  • Waste Incinerators
  • DeNOx, deSOx and other flue gas treatment process
  • Combustion and Process control
  • Syngas and biogas plant
  • Refineries…

Heated Gas Sample Probes

  • 50°C to 320°C with PID controller or 0-180°C self-limiting heating cartridges
  • High & Low temperature alarm and RS485 ModBus
  • Wide variety of filter materials, length and porosity
  • PTFE demister for wet scrubbers
  • Blowback function for higher dust load up to 10g/Nm3
  • The test gas injection port according to emissions standards (EN14181)
  • Calibration gas feeding via the filter element of the gas sample probe
  • Large selection of heated and unheated sample tubes (incl. ATEX)
  • Easy access to filter, inner stack sample tube, and top-filter
  • Efficient and fast maintenance and routine inspection tasks

Heated Lines

AHL Heatedline-v2

  • 50°C to 200°C Heated Line with PID controller
  • 0-180°C self-limiting heat trace Sample line
  • High & Low temperature alarm and RS485 ModBus
  • Large choice of options and combinations (incl. ATEX)
  • PTFE or SS316 inner tube
  • Multiple inner tubes for calibration, air and sample flows
  • No cold spot
  • Large selection of temperature sensor
  • UV rated PA12 , Polyamide braiding or highly flexible smooth silicon outer jacket
  • Maintenance free and delivered ready for installation

Gas Conditioners

  • 4°C +/-0.1°C dew point stabiliser
  • 19 inch rack  or wall mount units
  • High & Low temperature alarm and RS485 ModBus
  • Large choice of options and combinations (incl. ATEX)
  • Ankersmid Sampling patented NEO® heat exchanger design
  • Multiple stream capabilities
  • PFA® coated gas path and heat exchanger
  • ASS integrated rack mount complete stationary sampling system
  • Low maintenance and reduced operating cost
  • High-performance continuous condensate purge
  • AOX, TUV certified 99% conversion efficiency NOx converter

Gas Sampling Pumps

  • High performance PTFE gas sampling pump
  • 5 to 30 lpm flow range
  • 5 to 240°C operating temperature range
  • Designed for a large range of analytical applications (incl. ATEX)
  • Large choice of options and combinations

Speciality Filters

  • Universal all purposes filters
  • Deep acting particulate filters
  • Calibration gas humidifiers
  • Scrubbers and adsorption material
  • Liquid stop, condensate drain…
  • Built-in liquid alarm sensor, condensate purge, heater…

Ankersmid Sampling

  • Universal

    CEMS integration made easy

  • Performant

    Field proven, high quality, durable Ankersmid Sampling BVBA patented designs

  • Modular

    Comprehensive range of gas sampling equipment from one source

  • Efficient

    Easy to install, maintain and operate

AquaGas is supporting the global industrial community with high performance environmental and process monitoring systems (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems, Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Online process analysers, Water Quality Monitoring Systems) specifically designed and built to meet your application requirements.