Total Organic Carbon (TOC)



TOC Evolution

AquaGas introduces the TOC Evolution from SERES Environnement packed with true technical innovation empowering direct TOC online monitoring.




The TOC Evolution allows accurate and complete measurement of  Total Organic Carbon featuring simultaneous and direct measurement of various TOC groups including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Non-Purgeable Organic Carbons (NPOC) and Total Inorganic Carbons (TIC). In addition it is possible to complete the TOC Evolution water quality monitoring capacities by adding optional parameters Total Phosphorus (TP) and Total Nitrogen (TN) or the correlated Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)


TOC Evolution Measurement principle



TOC Evolution measures the pollution load of Organic Carbons (OC) in any type of water by oxidation of the OC in CO2 allowing accurate Non Dispersive Infra Red measurement (NDIR) of the produced CO2 .


New SERES patented high performance multifunctional reactor providing powerful and efficient oxidation. Its stripping function enables ultra-fast and optimal transfer of CO2.

Enhanced NDIR detection

Integral optical system for accurate, continuous and online IR measurement.

With a detection limit lower than 0.1 mg/l and fast analysis sequence ( less than 6 minutes), the TOC Evolution suits an unprecedented wide range of applications in the field of Water Quality Monitoring including but not limited to: industrial wastewater, process water and effluents/influents monitoring, Fresh water in water table, sources, drinking water purification and distribution processes, production of pure water such as demineralized, condensate water, steam production…
TOC online monitoring


Compact full stainless steel field proof enclosure

Intuitive colour touchscreen interface

Quick response time, high precision (+/- 3%) and repeatability (+/- 3%)

User programmable sampling sequences

Low maintenance and operation cost

Cost effective TRUE TOC online monitoring

Broad measuring range from 0-10mg/l to 0-5 g/l

TOC Evolution vuv - TOC online analyser


SERES environnement is continually implicated in the process of technological innovation. “We constantly re-invest in research and development in order to provide our clients with the most advanced technologies. For SERES, the notion of change is a permanent challenge. We work in partnership and collaboration with French and foreign research centres (such as the CNRS – the French National Centre for Scientific Research), Engineering Colleges and Universities.” SERES environnement makes 60% of its turnover on the export market in more than 35 countries with references in the Oil & Gas, Water treatment, Cement and Glass industry, Energy and large manufacturing companies…

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