Flammable and toxic Offgas

Recent incidents have occurred in several open cut coal mines where flammable and toxic gases (NOx, SOx, CH4, CO, CO2 and H2S) have been found in areas where normal mining activities are being undertaken. Flammable and toxic gases have been found emitting from blast holes, post blast areas and strata, including spoil dumps and accumulating in the bottom of pits during temperature inversion events. Ignitions of methane have occurred during blasting operations and evidence of spontaneous combustion has been identified with the accompanying noxious gases. Methane gas has also been detected in product coal recovery tunnels, including in the cavity surrounding the coal chutes.

Hazards are evident when personnel and equipment operate in close proximity to these sources of flammable and toxic gases. Mine workers undertaking duties in and around the areas nominated should be made aware of the potential risks, their measurement and controls.

The following information may be useful in alerting mine workers in the characteristics of some the more commonly occurring gases found in open cut mines and their current recognised exposure standards.

With reference to the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001 s142 Flammable or toxic gas, it is recommended that all open cut coal mine operators regularly review the mine Safety and Health Management System specifically related to the management of toxic and/or flammable gases on the mine site.

More specifically this review should focus on the effective implementation of the Standard Operating Procedure required under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001 s142.

PHOTON State of the Art Multigas Analyser

Monitoring flammable and toxic gases from open cut coal mines

Our client a large Australian Mining Company completed its mobile analysis laboratory with the acquisition of a PHOTON multigas analyser. The PHOTON belongs to Madur last generation of portable analysers designed for complex multigas applications and harsh process conditions. This PHOTON analyser is equipped with low resolution NDIR (Non Directive Infra Red) and Electrochemical measuring cells for short to medium term testing of Flammable and toxic gases CH4, CO, CO2, O2, H2S and SO2 in process and off gases from mine sites currently in operation and shutdown mine pits.


The  Photon is a multigas analyser and monitoring concept develop by Madur electronics. Madur was initially founded in 1984 in Vienna Austria and is now worldwide recognised manufacturer of reliable and cost effective equipment for gas analysis applications. Since 2013, Madur operates sales, production, service and R&D from their headquarters located in Poland to provide customers the most advanced solutions, the fastest possible with professional services and ongoing technical support.


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