Supply of SmartCEMS for multiple projects in Australia and overseas

We are thrilled to announce that a global leader in optimized optimised resource management has chosen AquaGas Pty Ltd as their partner to equip all their High Efficiency Patented Filters with the cutting-edge SmartCEMS GHG (Greenhouse Gas) analyser. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in environmental monitoring and showcases our client’s dedication to advancing sustainability in the wastewater treatment industry.

AquaGas Pty Ltd has been selected for its expertise in delivering innovative gas monitoring solutions. The SmartCEMS GHG analyser provided by AquaGas offers precise measurements of key greenhouse gases, including N2O, CO, CO2, and CH4, which are crucial for understanding and managing the environmental impact of wastewater treatment processes.

By integrating the SmartCEMS GHG analyser, our client will gain real-time data on fugitive gas emissions, enabling proactive identification of potential issues, optimisation of process parameters, and targeted solutions to minimize their carbon footprint. Our client’s commitment to sustainability and regulatory compliance will be further strengthened by the advanced features of the SmartCEMS GHG analyser, such as remote monitoring and automated reporting, which facilitate efficient data management and informed decision-making.

AquaGas Pty Ltd is honoured to have the opportunity to assist our client’s environmental goals with smart cost effective solutions. This partnership reflects the shared commitment of both organisations to drive innovation and sustainability in the wastewater treatment industry, ultimately working towards a greener and more sustainable future.