AquaFID THC CEMS – Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

AquaGas supplies four AquaFID THC CEMS

For Sydney’s greater remediation project

AquaGas Monitoring Systems is proud to be part of a major remediation project taking place in the heart of Sydney’s next financial, tourist, cultural and entertainment precinct. This significantly large remediation project is now underway over the next three years to remediate on site 150,000 tonnes of contaminated fill material from a former gas plant.

One of the main actors in this project,  South Pacific market leader for the containment and filtration of hydrocarbons (sheen, gasoline, diesel and oils) and a range of other chemicals, has selected AquaGas Pty Ltd for the supply, installation and commissioning of the Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems and Process Analysers at the remediation site.

To meet our client environmental monitoring requirements, AquaGas has offered a unique CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems) solution based on Gas Chromatography, the AquaFID. The AquaFID is a fully automatic THC CEMS integrated in Australia by AquaGas for continuous and simultaneous measurement of Total Hydrocarbons (THC), Non Methane Hydrocarbons (NMHC) and Methane (CH4).

The AquaFID key features includes the association of a field proven, robust fast loop heated sampling system from Ankersmid Sampling BVBA (Belgium) with a highly accurate M529H FID analysers from PCF (Italia).

The Exproof sampling system is fitted with extensive features such as calibration port as per international CEMS code and EN14181 for reliable continuous compliance monitoring.

The remediation projects are being strictly monitored in real time. Data is regularly reported to the EPA.

AquaGas Pty Ltd

Integrated systems and Customised Services


AquaGas Pty Ltd has the tools and technologies needed to accurately measure atmospheric emissions of gaseous pollutants helping you in improving air quality and environmental performances.

  • Portable Gas Analysers

    Multigas analysers fitted with a combination of proprietary gas cells for short term monitoring of biogas, syngas and combustion processes.

  • Isokinetic Sampling Console

    Isokinetic sampler developed for short to medium term emissions monitoring, fulfilling all the requirements of the dioxins and persistent organic compounds (POPs), PCBs, metals, HCB and fine dust measurement standard within the same sampling train

  • Data Acquisition and reporting Software

    Data Aquisition Software (CDAS) is a fully MCERTS accredited (parts A, B, C1 & C2) real time data acquisition software – now available for touch screens and windows 10. CDAS is customisable and flexible, allowing it to collect raw data from a range of instruments for CEMS