AquaGas SmartCEMS® solution

AquaGas is excited to increase its range of smart sensors with the release of a new branded CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) recently acquired through an OEM with MADUR (Poland) and available across Oceania: the MAMOS.

The MAMOS SmartCEMS® is an online monitoring system designed by MADUR and integrated by AquaGas for the ANZ market which responds to industrials and environmental authorities today’s demand for a large range of industrial applications including small to large combustion plants (power station, paper mill, cement plant…), WTE (waste to Energy) installations as well as biogas, syngas and biomass generators.

Thanks to its modular and adaptive design the Mamos allows combining multiple sensors (PID, low and high range NDIR, Electrochemical, Thermal Conductivity) with applications specific sampling systems (Direct extractive heated and standard sampling train, Peltier cooler, Nafion membrane…). All system components are field replaceable and comes with a 24 months warranty.

Available as standalone unit, single analyser or redundant systems (fully backed up with manual and automatic redundancy) the Mamos SmartCEMS® is offered as a complete stationary CEMS for permanent installation or long term rental. AquaGas global service includes the various level of associated services (initial and final installation, commissioning, long term or punctual service agreement as well as the supply of consumables and critical spares for periods up to 5 years.

Moreover the MAMOS SmartCEMS® ensures minimal investment and extremely low ownership costs for trouble free environmental monitoring and process control operations while complying with Australians states regulations.

Here are some of the MAMOS SmartCEMS® main features:

  • Suited to complex gas matrix with accurate measurements of a large selection of gases: H2S, CO, CO2, HCl, SOx, NOx, H2, VOCs, CxHy, O2, NMHC and more.
  • Designed for harsh operating conditions with high dust load and elevated moisture content
  • Peltier, Nafion and standard sample conditioning sampling system
  • Builtin data logger
  • Reporting of normalised concentrations (mg/Nm3 or ppm) through analogue outputs, ModBus
  • Standalone and redundant systems with DAHS
  • Madcom acquisition and configuration software
  • In depth filtration with three stage particulates filtration (insitu with sequential backflush, heated filter, condensate trap and fine safety filter)
  • Full remote access
  • Multistream monitoring