CO, NO and NO₂

Gas Analyser for Parkings and Tunnels

The Nocostop™ Gas Analyser is designed, for parkings and tunnels, to measure in real-time the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) through an electronic cells specific to each gas, thus ensuring air quality and users’ safety. The Nocostop™ Gas Analyser has a high reactivity in the presence of gas at quite low thresholds.

Continuous detection

The Nocostop™ Gas Analyser for parkings and tunnels detector has been designed to measure continuously the concentration of CO, NO and NO₂. The measure is evaluated by means of electrochemical cell specific to each gas, thus ensuring air quality and safety for users of tunnels and car parks.

Easy maintenance

The communication console management makes maintenance operations easier. What is more, the LCD screen requires no adjustments, making the whole system even more simple.

Increased resistance

With its stainless steel unit (316L), the Nocostop™ Gas Analyser is highly resistant, making it the perfect monitoring instrument in extreme environments.